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ROHO Sensor Ready High Profile Cushion

$ 450.00 $ 669.00

The ultimate skin protection cushion just got better!  Smart Check hand held device sold separately.  

ROHO® HIGH PROFILE® Single Compartment Cushion with Sensor Ready™ Technology is an adjustable, air-filled, cellular-design, wheelchair support surface that utilizes DRY FLOATATION® technology and is intended to conform to an individual's seat.

The ROHO Sensor Ready™ HIGH PROFILE® Cushions come standard with a quick disconnect port that allows these cushions to connect to Smart Check™, a sensing device used to set up and monitor individuals' inflation range.

The unique cellular design of the HIGH PROFILE® allows the cushions to constantly conform and track movements of the body. The simple adjustment and conformity of the cells accommodates and meets the unique skin/soft tissue integrity needs of each individual throughout the day. As the individual's body changes over time, so will the cushion.

Over forty years of research, experience and refinement of ROHO® DRY FLOATATION® Technology provides and individual with unparalleled skin/soft tissue protection. 


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