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Egg Switch

$ 80.85
  • Single input mechanical button switch.
  • High impact plastic in bright colors.
  • Medium/light activation force.
  • Completely sealed, preventing food or spillage from penetrating the switch.
  • Full surface activation area.
  • Clear and audible feedback.
Sensitivity Can be activated anywhere on the surface and requires only light pressure.
Adaptability Integral threaded inserts in the base for secure mounting and positioning.
Available Colors Red (ESRED), Green (ESGRN), Blue (ESBLU), Yellow (ESYEL), or Black (ESBLK).
1 11/16in (4.25cm) x 2 3/4in (6.99cm) x 3/4in (19.05mm)
(Wide x Long x Tall)
1/8in (3.18mm)
Right angle mono headphone jack
Cord Length 56 in (1.4 m)

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